SHO102 Introduction to Information Technologies

Dr. Tarık TUNCAY
Course Date: Every Monday at 09.00 for 2 hours in the class M8 (Yıldız Anfi)
About the Course
This course aims to help 2nd semester of social work students in understanding, using and analyzing computer based information technologies in social work.
The course will allow students to use information technology components in the field of social work when they become ‘fresh’ social workers. In order to accomplish the main aim of the course, students are asked to read all listed references and documents not only before the written exams, but also before the lectures. This is the only way of succeeding the course.
Teaching Methods
Classes will include lectures, class discussions and in class use of computer applications. Participation and contributions of each student to the lecture will be considered by the instructor. So please, let your voice be heard by your classmates and the instructor.
Methods of Evaluation
In order to accomplish the main aim of the course, students are asked to read all listed references and documents not only before the written exams, but also before the lectures. This is the only way of succeeding the course.
There will be at least two written exams: midterm and final exams. Exams will be comprehensive, closed book exams that may consist of both objective type (e.g. multiple choice, fill in the blanks, short answer, etc.) and essay questions. Questions will cover all the contents presented before the exam dates including information from lectures by the instructor and required readings. The results and scores of the exams will be announced on the web site of the lecturer ( in 15 days after the exam.
Written midterm exam(s): %40; Final exam: %60
Students are also expected to be present for every class session of the course. Success in the course depends heavily on one’s attendance and participation in the classroom. Attendance will be checked by ‘the signature list of students’. With reference to H.U. Regulation of Undergraduate Education, students must attend at least 70% theoretical hours of the lectures (article number 16).
Naturally, the course is divided into fourteen weeks of spring semester including examination days. Listed below are the detailed week-by-week topics and required reading list of the course.
First week
- Introduction to Course
  - Aims and goals of the course
  - Considering the expectations of the students
- Historical, social and political background of the Information Age
Second & third week
-  The Nature of Human Service Technologies and Organizations
  - Information Systems (IS)
  - Basic Concepts
  - Contemporary Approaches to Information Technologies
  - Importance of Information Technologies
  - Computer Based Information Systems (CBIS)
  - Historical Perspective
  - Capabilities of Information Systems
Fourth week
- ­Data Collection and Storage Process Using Word Processor
  - Application of Office (word) Program
Fifth & Sixth week
- Ethical and Social Impact of Information Services
  - Understanding Ethical and Social Issues Related to Systems
  - Ethics in an Information Society
  - The Moral Dimension of Information Systems
Seventh week
Midterm exam (written)

Eighth & Ninth week
- Computer Based Data Management and Analysis
  - Using SPSS software
Tenth week
- Information Systems in Social Work Practice
  - Policy / Community Planning
  - Agency Management
  - Service Delivery
  - Client Self-Help
  - Education
Eleventh & Twelfth week
- Developing Information Systems
- Potential Problems in Developing An Information System
- Guides to Success
- Impact and Issues
- Problems in Linking Social Work Practice with New Technologies
- The Rationale for Computerization in Social Work Practice
Thirteenth week
- The Internet
  - Accessing Information Through the World Wide Web
  - Communicating Through The Internet
Fourteenth week
General evaluation of the course and its related topics
Required Readings
  1. Tuncay, T. (2003). Information Technologies and Social Work, Compiled Course Text-Book, pp.1-80.
  2. Tuncay, T. (2005). "İnsani Hizmet Örgütlerinin Yönetiminde Bilişim Sistemleri", Toplum ve Sosyal Hizmet, 16(1):125-143. Full text link
  3. Tuncay, T. (2010) “E-sosyal Hizmetler: İnsani Hizmetlerde Bilişim Teknolojisi Uygulamaları (E-social Services: Information Technology Applications in Human Services”, İzmir 3. İleri Yaş Sempozyumu, 23-24 Mart 2010. Full text link
  4. Bensghir, T.K. (1996).  Bilgi Teknolojileri ve Örgütsel Değişim, Todaie Yayını, pp.8-52.

Official Statement of the Course Description
SHO 102 Introduction to Basic Information Technology (2.0.2) ECTS 2 Introduction to information technologies in the area of social work practices. Definition of information systems from technical, social and socio-technical perspectives. Discussion of ethical and social impacts of information technologies in our social and professional lives. The students are expected to contribute to the related practical assignments throughout the course.
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