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Social Work Education in Turkey (Book chapter)

This chapter discusses social work education in the Republican Turkey looking at the main points; examines the development of social work education and social services in Turkey. In this context, the emphasis is going to be on higher educational system in Turkey and the place of social work within this system. Another topic to be discussed with a strong emphasis is the development in social work education from the 1990's onwards (in the example of HacettepeUniversity School of Social Work).

Expanding between the continents of Europe and Asia, Turkey has a deep rooted history of social services. Since the age of Ottoman Empire foundations and some guilds had done efficient activities in the fields of social work and social assistance. After the foundation of the Republican Turkey, provisioning of social services in the hands of state organs and institutions has gained importance. The first significant development in the republican period in terms of social work both as a profession and scientific discipline is the establishment of the Academy of Social Services in 1961 . The Academy was founded as a part of the Ministry of Health and Social Assistance...

For Citation (APA 5th): Tufan, A. B. ve Tuncay T. (2004). “Social Work Education in Turkey”, Hamburger F., Hirschler S., Günther S., Wöbcke M. (Ed.) Ausbildung Für Soziale Berufe in Europa, Band 1, Institut für Sozialarbeit und Sozialpadagogik e.V. Veröffentlichung im ISS-Eignverlag, Frankfurt am MAin, im Mai.
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